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Elite Flash Drive Box

$6.00 each sold in cases of 12

ITEM #168

Insert size: 2.875" x 3.875"

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Unit Price  :   $72.00
Items Per Case  :   12
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Elite Jump Drive Box
Item number: 168
Whether you call it a thumb drive, flash drive, USB drive, or that thingy, this box will hold it!

  • Insert size: 2.875" x 3.875"
  • Holds one photo on the cover of the box
  • Photo is protected by thick acrylic with a beveled edge
  • To insert photo poke acrylic cover out through the inside of the box
  • Inside has a black velvet padded cushion with an elastic cord that holds any standard size flash drive
  • Box pulls apart to insert flash drive
  • Perfect for presenting digital files to your client
  • Flash drive pictured is NOT included

Product Questions

Does your Elite Flash Drive Box come with the flash drive....or is it just the box? I know that I can insert a custom photo for each different box, but I can't tell if it comes with the flash drive by reading the details.
What size is the cover image?
Is the box photo safe? In other it made out of a material that won't "yellow" or otherwise damage the photo over time?

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